Reviews of Our Work


‘Around 100 parents joined us in the Great Hall on Wednesday evening to hear a talk delivered by author and therapist, Alicia Drummond. Alicia's talk provided a compassionate, intelligent and thought-provoking guide to understanding parenting, especially teenagers, and covered how parents can deal with issues, such as alcohol, drugs, relationships and pornography. Alicia shared her knowledge with warmth and good humour, especially during the question and answer session at the end. Feedback from those who attended was extremely positive with one parent saying, ‘Thank you for organising an excellent talk.The evening was really informative and realistic about the issues we all face!’ Andrew Rees, Deputy Head, St Olave's Grammar School

‘Alicia speaks regularly at Hurstpierpoint College Prep School. She has an intelligent, thought provoking and compassionate approach to parenting and the issues faced particularly when bringing up teenagers. She shares her knowledge and understanding with warmth and gentle humour. I recommend her most highly.’ Heather Beeby, Headmistress, Hurst Prep School

‘Alicia's workshops on 'Parenting Teens' were a tremendous success. Parents were overwhelmingly complimentary about her sessions and about her. They praised her open warm and friendly style but also the nitty gritty of her presentations which went a very long way to making them feel that they were not alone and that there were tools and strategies on hand to help them deal with their challenging teenagers. After all three of her sessions here, at Hurst, parents told me how thrilled they were with the talks. 'We really should do much more of this kind of thing,' one Mum told me. So we are!’ R.Taylor-West, Deputy Headmaster, Hurstpierpoint College

‘It was with some apprehension that I embarked upon the organisation of a Parent Workshop. However, any concerns about parent take up were dispelled immediately. Demand far exceeded the number of places available.

Without exception, the parents thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The feedback I received from all participants was excellent. The day was informative, challenging and reassuring. It is certainly something that Elizabeth College will run again. Alicia combines friendliness with professionalism in the perfect balance. I would have no hesitation about recommending her to colleagues at other schools.’ Jonathan Shaw, Vice-Principal (Pastoral), Elizabeth College, Guernsey

‘Alicia's exercises and real life examples are powerful tools in equipping parents with the skills upon which supportive, positive relationships can be achieved. The workshop is outcome focused in terms of how as parents we can promote the development of happy, confident, resourceful and respectful independent adults.’ Dr SK Agnew; Consultant Clinical Psychologist

‘If a parenting course can shed the image of ‘only-for-problem-families’, this workshop does it. It was taken up with great interest by parents at Bryanston and rated ‘very good’ by all participants. Alicia combines up-to-date and thought-provoking information with hands-on advice and practical tips on everything one needs to know about this age group. Parents left greatly encouraged and inspired. We already have a waiting list for the next workshop’ Susanna Deverell, Bryanston Parents Association

‘The four hours flew by. As a Dad of two fantastic and feisty boys (ages 13 and nearly 12), I learnt a great deal about how to tackle their current emotions and to provide the life coaching that they need from me. I now feel much more prepared for what to expect from them as they embrace becoming bonafide teenagers. Fantastic morning!’ R Gambetta - Parent

‘I would strongly recommend this course to any parents of teens or up and coming teens. It gives valuable insight into the behaviour of this age group and helps to equip parents in understanding how to keep communication positive and effective. Really enjoyed the day. Comfy seats and a delicious homemade lunch too’ K Hobby - Parent

‘A great course, full of fantastic tips and advice to equip you for the teenage years’ N Cornwall - Parent

‘All parents should do this course before launching themselves into their teenage's lives. It's invaluable and you leave with tactics to help create a happy, informed home life with skills to deal with the problems that inevitably come our way’ H Edwards - Parent

Communication Skills

‘I feel that I now have all the tools to become a better communicator for school, interviews and jobs.’ Lindsay A, 6th Former, Shrewsbury School


‘Alicia highlighted aspects of a children's emotional development that both moved and motivated me both as a teacher and parent. I realised how fixed my mind set was and the problems I had as a child. It then made me see how these blocks were affecting my eldest child and students. I have changed my teaching accordingly and trying to put her suggestions into my parenting, already. A simple yet affective lecture that was a good length and well pitched at the right level to the group’ L M-Jones -Teacher and Parent

‘I found the course really interesting and it made me think about how I can alter my practice in order to promote a more positive mindset in my students’ W Hack -Teacher


Many thanks indeed for delivering the Inset training last week. The focus on spotting mental health issues was a fascinating insight and feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. The session was not only informative but also useful in offering staff tips on how to spot when pupils are struggling with mental health issues so that we can act as soon as possible. The session on Mindfulness allowed staff to understand how and why this has been seen as a way of helping pupils and was exactly what was required to introduce our own programme at St John’s. Alex Tate, Deputy Headmaster, St John's School, Leatherhead.



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‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit’ Aristotle